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Our Classes


To give dancers a solid foundation of technique, strength, and elegance that they can transfer to all other dance techniques. 


Dancers will learn how to listen to music and use their feet to create percussive sounds. Having metal on the toe and heel of these shoes will enable learning the fun fundamentals of tap dancing.

Leaps and Turns

Dancers will work on balance and the strength necessary to execute proper leaps and turns in choreography.

Hip Hop

This class will focus on rhythm through hip-hop choreography and combinations along with working on beginner to intermediate hip-hop tricks.


Advanced level dancers will learn how to dance en pointe which is an extension of classical ballet. Enrollment in this class is dependent on the directors' approval.


Students will study a wide array of dynamic movement in this class. From floor work to jumping off the floor, students will use technical proficiency to flourish in this genre.


Focus on elements of rhythm, and sharp movement while combining hip-hop, funk, and classical jazz. This class uses sharp and energetic steps to create fun and exciting movement combinations.


Working on dancers' strength and cardio is very important to maintain proper technique while rehearsing and performing. 


Gaining strength in the micro and macro muscles of the feet, lower and upper leg, and the trunk of body is crucial to succeed en pointe. This class is for intermediate students and will prepare them for pointe classes.

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